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MeowAbout Cosplay FAQ

Q: What pattern did you use to make [costume]?
A: I try to list out the commercial patterns used for the costumes on this site on each costume's page. Some patterns are so heavily modified that the original patterns used aren't as important - and some pieces are basic patterns that can use a variety of bases (for example, a dress shirt or a fitted bodice can be made from many patterns).

Q: How long does it take to make a costume?
A: There are a number of factors that go into costume making. First is experience - it's a lot easier to make a garment if you've made one like it before. Level of detail is also important. A costume can be simple, but adding the detail work may take much longer. Some kinds of garments take longer to make than others - usually if something is very fitted it will require more work than a loose garment. Accessories also take time to make. If you want to get a character "perfect", you will need to take the time to style a wig, make the props, and create accessories for the character. Not to mention, everyone works at a different pace.

The best advice I can offer is to allow yourself as much time as possible before a costume needs to be done! It will take longer than you expect!

Q: I want to borrow one of your costumes for a movie/play/event - I'll even pay shipping costs! Will you send it to me?
A: There are several reasons why I won't lend out costumes. First, these costumes require a lot of time, effort, and money to put together. I have no way to guarantee that they will make it through the mail in one piece (many items are lost in shipping every day). Second, the costumes are specifically designed to fit the wearer. Unless you are built exactly like TR Rose or Concolor (which is highly unlikely), the costume will not fit you. Finally, I have no way to guarantee that the costumes will be returned in the same condition they were sent out in. Once something is damaged, it can't easily be fixed. I really have no way to make sure that the costumes will be returned to me at all. Very sorry.

Q: I want to buy one of your costumes. How much would you sell [costume] for?
A: I'm currently not selling any of the costumes on this site. If you're looking to have a costume custom-made for you, there are a number of cosplay commissioners out there who make costumes professionally. You can read reviews of commissioners here on

Q: I want a costume just like yours. How do I make one?
A: I have tutorials available for some of the more popular costumes that I've done. You can also research characters on the forums at There are many helpful people who can offer suggestions on making costumes.


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