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Phoenix Wright (College Age) from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by TR Rose
Phoenix Wright

Created November 2008
Debuted at Moment of Zen 2008

Convention History:

  • YuleCon 2008
  • AFest 2009

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Costume Details:

I have to really, really like a guy character to want to do a crossplay. This is the version of Nick that I think I can pull off better than the other two. Plus that red scarf looks so soft and comfy that I wanted it for myself!

...And I wanted an excuse to try making the "love token" necklace.

The shirt is a sweatshirt with the design appliqued to the front; scarf is made from fleece; hair is fun foam glued together like a hat; "Love Token" is made from resin for the center and Sculpey for the heart; and the Coldkiller X bottle was originally Centrum vitamins!

I redid part of this costume that I wasn't as happy with - the hair. I made a foam base for the hair which is shown in the original photos. But it didn't look great in person, so I actually covered the whole thing with loose extension hair. I only found one pic of the new version online so far, but if I find a few more I will definitely update the images.


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